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Mother, Mother

        Mother, Mother explores the performative nature of the photograph not only as a still image, but as a visual means to symbolically express a personal traumatic experience. The act of creating as a means of therapy, the expression and reconnection to the relationship I hold with myself and the woman who brought me into this world. As Susan Sontag states in her essay Regarding The Pain Of Others, “It is passivity that dulls feeling.”.​

         Through the photographic medium, I push myself to address the extent of the relationship I have with my mother and the impact she has on my identity. As a young woman I slowly am coming to terms with the simple fact that all that she is, is almost all that I am today. Being the youngest of four daughters, I held a great admiration and love for my mother. Her soft voice lingers in the back of my mind, along with the image of her lovingly telling her long haired girls of the beauty they held and had yet to understand. Through my imagery, I explore my struggle between the want for dependence of an individual who can no longer give herself to anyone and the ultimate quest for autonomy—the act of subconsciously holding on and physically trying to break away. 

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