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Candace Cosentino Photography

    Candace Cosentino is a Toronto based freelance photographer and visual artist specializing in commercial photography, creative photography campaigns, portraits and dynamic product photography. Her belief is that a great photograph is one that captures emotion and tells an authentic story.


     By blending elements of surrealism and feminist pop-culture, her photography and artwork is not only aesthetically pleasing, but conceptual, current and informed. By creating with an aesthetic that is unique to her, this helps uplift her client-base with diverse and informed visuals.

     In addition to commercial photography and artistic practice, she is deeply community driven. Behind the scenes, she is currently in the works of developing Cos Studios; a safe and encouraging space for the LGBTQ+ community and local creatives to connect, collaborate and grow together.

For general inquiries:

Candace Cosentino Photography holding a camera
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