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Candace Cosentino

 My involvement in photography began in 2011, where I had first learned about film photography and chemical processing. The discovery of this medium suited me so well, there was truly no turning back. I went on to pursue a BFA in photography from Ryerson University and also studies at Manchester Metropolitan University in the U.K for a brief time. This background informs my practice wholly, which is why the detail within my work

is so intricate. 

On top of photography, I am involved in various local Toronto groups curating exhibitions for emerging artists. While being multi-media artist myself, I offer a variety of services outside of photography. This includes social media management, videography, editing and assistance on set.


My business is not only a source of passion, but a calling and dream that is constantly evolving for me. Having some of my own dreams realized, I want to assist my clients in bringing theirs to life as well. 


 If you would like to chat and inquire about any of my services, please feel free to contact me.

Stay kind. 

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