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The Canadian Curvies

 @canadiancurvies on instagram

I had the amazing opportunity to be the photographer for the Canadian Curries the winter of 2018. Here's a statement from this group of boss-ladies:

     “The Canadian Curvies would like to ring in the new year with sparkle and shine, and celebrate everything their bodies and minds have accomplished this year, alongside speak to their personal goals for 2019 as well share what 2018 taught and brought us. Every new year brings about the same old new year’s resolutions conundrum... which most people can never keep, because they’re unrealistic. The Curvies want to break tradition and celebrate our bodies and minds for all they have done for us, and encourage other women to share what they’re grateful their bodies did for them this year - mentally or physically. We also want to challenge women to share a personal goal for 2019 by showcasing each Canadian Curvy founder’s own goals.... and we don’t mean the stereotypical weight loss resolution or eating less carbs, we’ll be talking about spiritual and mental goals that go beyond physicality. Because at the end of the day, a healthy mind makes for a healthy, happy body and we want 2019 to be the best year yet for us all."

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