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Angel's Dream House

      Angel’s Dream House is an editorial body of work reflective of the Toronto-artist lifestyle tropes. This narrative is based on the experience of the photographer, Candace Cosentino, as an emerging artist in Toronto. With an artistic practice homed in a dilapidated but beautiful historic building for 3 years, given a 30 day eviction notice with no where to go.

    In this work Angel takes the place of Barbie, transforming the character from a privileged, perfect caucasian woman, into a femme artist and POC in Toronto. Meshing the storyline of Barbie's and the photographer’s real-life experience, Angel’s life halts as she is evicted after 3 years of living in her Dream House. Within 30 days, she packs up her belongings with no where to go. The city has become crowded and cold, with less creativity to stay for.

Model: Angel Nayyar

Photography, creative direction and set design: Candace Cosentino

Studio: Cos Studios 

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